Request a DMR Radio ID

This website (DMR Scotland) does not issues DMR ID’s and is not responsible or connected in any way with the body that does issue the ID’s.

A DMR radio ID is required so that you can be identified on the DMR Network of your choice.   A DMR ID is so you can take a DMR radio anywhere in the world and it will work without ID conflicts. Now that various networks have started bridging their networks it is important that no two users have the same ID.

NOTE: You only need a unique ID for every subscriber that is on the system at the SAME time, meaning during the same QSO on the same talkgroup. You can reuse IDs for radios/subscribers that are not on the air at the same time.  A mobile and base radio can have the same ID.  If you only use a mobile in the car and a portable at home you can use the same ID.

If you loan a radio to a friend, the radio is part of a club fleet or the radio is used for linking/3rd party applications then multiple IDs are preferred. Most people will only need 1 or 2 IDs.  You would be required to provide the DMR ID Number issuer a pretty good reason to exceed this limit.

Please only request IDs if you are going to use them NOW, don’t reserve a block of IDs if you aren’t using them in the immediate future.

Request your DMR ID:  https://www.radioid.net

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