PHOENIX  – http://www.dmr-uk.net

Phoenix is the name of the network which may have previously been “known” as DMR MARC UK.

It’s wholly owned, operated and managed by UK Repeater Keepers and is the UK’s largest open DMR network infrastructures, along with the European Core network infrastructure and the redundant world wide talk group servers which peer with the DMR-MARC network in the USA.

DMR-UK.net, whilst being an independent team from the Phoenix Network, works closely with the Network Administrators and Repeater Keepers to get the latest information with the object of keeping the users informed.

More information on the Phoenix UK and International Network via www.opendmr.net

Link to Phoenix Last Heard/Live Monitor page: http://www.opendmr.net/monitor.php

Link to Phoenix Repeater Status page: http://www.opendmr.net/status.php

OpenDMR.net  operates PHOENIX, the largest amateur radio DMR network in the UK and DMR-DL, a large network in Germany. Additionally we provide robust, stable, high availability infrastructure and world wide talkgroup services to repeater keepers across Europe.

It is wholly owned, operated and managed by radio amateurs who are themselves UK repeater keepers. It is totally self-funded and there is no cost to any repeater to join the network and no financial contributions are requested.

OpenDMR.net  uses a number of software packages. Including “DMRlink”  by [K0USY Group](http://k0usy.strikingly.com is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0