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Keeper/NoV holder:  JOHN GRIEVE [GM0OTI]
Band: 70CM  (DVU36)   
Output frequency: 439.4500 MHz  
RX Frequency: 430.4500 MHz
This is a DIGITAL VOICE repeater.
(Please note this repeater is NOT licensed for ANALOGUE Voice repeat)
This DV Repeater has DMR capability cc:3 
Connectivity: BRANDMEISTER

On-Air 15:30 04/07/2019

GB7II using DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) is a TDMA mode (Time Division Multiple Access) which means that it allows several users to share the same frequency channel by dividing that signal into different time slots. Each frequency has a slot 1 or slot 2 and each slot can be used by different users. From an amateur point of view, using digital technology means that a single analogue repeater channel of 12.5Khz bandwidth can now effectively be doubled in capacity by carrying a digital signal comprising two 6.25Khz channels. This is achieved by very fast switching (typically 30msec) between the 2 digital timeslots that the mode provides (TS-1 & TS-2). Each repeater is also allocated a digital signature known as a Colour Code (CC) which is similar in function to CTCSS on analogue repeaters.

The repeaters are setup for Talk Group access no reflectors active on any slots we prefer to use S1 for the Group Talk Group 235475 and use slot 2 for user selected as indicated below.

(S1) II Local   Like a normal repeater, good place to test with another users, as no connection to the outside world. Shorter gaps needed as people are direct, no real delays. Call “GM0UDL calling local GM0UDL calling local”
(S1) II 475 (Static) This is our talkgroup connected to GB7BI GB7II MB6FU MB6EL. Please leave gaps between overs, this is to allow users to disconnect or join the conversation. “GM0UDL calling on 475 GM0UDL calling on 475”.
(S1) II Parrot “Echo Test” Good place to test your signal into the repeater as it will relay back to you what you have said. Useful if you are mobile or in an area you are not sure about your quality.
(S2) II Rx All This is for checking activity on slot 2 on the repeater as it is now user access and you can select several talkgroups, so look here somebody could be on.
(S2) II Disc This is for disconnecting when you have finished using a talkgroup on the repeater.
(S2) II 4405 Talkgroup 2355 which is reflector 4405 connected to a number or repeaters in Scotland GB7BB, GB7BI, GB7DE, GB7EA, GB7EE, GB7JD, GB7LS, GB7LU, GB7SQ leave gaps between overs to allow others to connect, disconnect or join.
(S2) II Edin Chat Talkgroup 235444 Edinburgh equivalent of 235475 same rules apply.
(S2) II Scot Chat Talkgroup 23550 (Ref 4415) assigned for Scotland chat channel.
(S2) II TAC 310 Talkgroup 310 mainly American stations very busy something to listen to or join in.
(S2) II 91 WW Talkgroup 91 Worldwide.
(S2) II 92 EU Talkgroup 92 Europe.
(S2) II 93 USA Talkgroup 93 USA.
(S2) II 95 Aus/NZ Talkgroup 95 Australia New Zealand.