Note that this is a very optimistic prediction coverage map!

Keeper/NoV holder/Sysop:  GM7RYR

Band: 70CM  (DVU58)

Repeater Transmits on Output Frequency: 439.7250 MHz

Repeater Receives on RX Frequency: 430.7250 MHz

This repeater is licensed for the proprietary Yaesu FUSION DV Mode.
This repeater is licensed for D-STAR,  NXDN, P25 DV Mode and DMR and uses Colour Code 11 and connectivity to BRANDMEISTER

IARU Square: IO86
ERP: 14 dBW

22/07/2020 – GB7EC ( East Coast ) has been granted it’s NoV

This is a dual mode  UHF  DMR / NXDN digital repeater with options to work on P-25, YSF, D-Star

operating on Channel DVU58  with Output  frequency: 439.7250 MHz  and RX Frequency: 430.7250 MHz


TG 23557 - Scot East
Any other Talkgroups can be used on a User Activiated bases on Slot 1.

TG 2355 - Scotland

Coverage is anticipated to be from Stonehaven in the North, South to Dundee and East to Forfar.

The main A90 road should have coverage for mobile stations from Tinkletap to Cookney a distance of approx. 75Km

It should provide a slight overlap with the GB7DD DMR / NXDN digital repeater and the Aberdeen digital repeater.

It is intended to act as an experimental “off grid” solar powered repeater with extensive remote control facilities over and above the mandatory remote close down requirements.

As it will be dependent on its own self contained power sources it may be reduced in power or be restricted in modes or occasionally switched off at times to allow recharging depending on usage demands and environmental conditions.

This means the coverage foot print may change dependant on the repeater output making regular coverage reports especially welcome.

It will have a range of energy saving features controlled by a telemetry link, which will also relay environmental data from the site.

Due to it’s exposed position a range of protective features that have been tested with the GB3ED and GB7EE repeaters will be incorporated in to the RF design and hardware implementation to make it more reliable and reduce the need for “hands on maintenance”

We hope the experience of operating the repeater and the information gained will inform the construction of low cost , high performance digital repeaters that can be deployed in locations with minimum infrastructure to benefit the amateur community.

Please provide feedback on your experience with GB7EC via our Facebook Page at DMRSCOTLAND.