GB7DD – Dundee


Updated 23/02/2021

A proposal was submitted on 18th May 2020 by MM0DUN to resurrect GB7DD as a dual-digital-mode repeater running an MMDVM board to provide DMR on the Brandmeister Network connected by default on Slot 2 to DMR Scotland Talkgroup 2355 and NXDN connected by default to the NXDN Scotland Talkgroup 23551.  This repeater was then first licenced on 20th June 2020.

Now that the repeater is up and running it will provide approximate coverage from Arbroath (high ground) in the East, to the Eastern outskirts of Perth, South to St Andrews and Glenrothes and North to Glamis.  The prediction map below gives a very approximate idea of coverage, which, as always, may be slightly better or worse.  Dundee is a difficult area to cover due to the Law and Balgay Hills blocking the signal to the west.  This means that the coverage drops off around Tesco’s on the Kingsway when heading west and at the Tay Rail Bridge when heading west.

GB7DD Prediction Coverage Map
Approximate GB7DD Prediction Coverage

Slot Allocation for GB7DD Graphic


Slot 1
235499 - GB7DD Local Chat
23557 - Scot East
23550 Linked on Wednesday 2000hrs to 2200hrs for Mid Lanark Ragchew.

Slot 2
2355 - Scotland

Please remember that GB7DD is a Dual-Digital Mode repeater providing both DMR and NXDN but only one mode at a time.  DMR users will not get access to the repeater when it is being used by an NXDN user and likewise NXDN users will not be able to access the repeater if it is currently in use by DMR.


If you would like to donate to the running costs of the DMR Scotland Website please follow the link below.  There is also an option there to make your donation to either the running costs of the GB7DD Repeater, the GB7EE Repeater or just for the DMR Scotland Website running costs.  If you would prefer your donation to be split between any of these then please note this in the Donation.

Donations for GB7DD and the DMR Scotland Website will be allocated to Martin MM0DUN.  Donations for GB7EE will be allocated to Allister GM7RYR.



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  • 18th May 2020 – NoV Application submitted by GM7RYR on behalf of MM0DUN
  • 24th May 2020 – Frequency request past to MoD
  • 11th June 2020 – NoV granted on original frequency of Repeater TX on 439.6625 and RX on 430.6625
  • 28th June 2020 – Repeater on-air on low power awaiting arrival of duplexer
  • 6th July 2020 – duplexer away being tuned.
  • 10th July 2020 – Repeater now on-air with signal reports welcomed.