GB7BB – Banff & Buchan


Keeper/NoV holder: NIGEL SMITH [MM0BUH]

Band: 70CM (DVU57) Output frequency: 439.7125 MHz RX Frequency: 430.7125 MHz
This is a multi-mode DIGITAL VOICE repeater
(Please note this repeater is NOT licensed for ANALOGUE Voice repeat)
This Digital Repeater has DMR capability cc:1 Connectivity: BRANDMEISTER
This Digital Repeater has D-STAR capability.
This Digital Repeater has C4FM/FUSION capability.

Following is effective from 1st October 2020


  • TG 23558 H&I APRS (Static)
    This is the Highlands and Islands talkgroup connected to GB7BI GB7II GB7SS GB7BB GB7EI GB7OR MB6OR. Please leave gaps between overs, this is to allow users to disconnect or join the conversation.
    Suggest when putting a call out use something along the lines of “GM0UDL calling on H&I GM0UDL calling on H&I”.
    APRS option for anyone’s etc


  • Talkgroup 9990 (Private Call not a Group Call) Parrot “Echo Test” Good place to test your signal into the repeater as it will relay back to you what you have said. Useful if you are mobile or in an area you are not sure about your quality.
  • Talkgroup 4000 This is for disconnecting when you have finished using a talkgroup on the repeater
  • Talkgroup 235475 for club use or if H&I is busy
  • Talkgroup 2355 connected to a number or repeaters in Scotland leave gaps between overs to allow others to connect, disconnect or join.
  • Talkgroup 23557 Scotland East
  • Talkgroup 23559 Scotland West
  • Talkgroup 23550 Can be used as a general chat area for Scotland
  • Talkgroup 23551 Scot Multi In Edinburgh a cross over link to NXDN DStar
  • Talkgroup 310 USA stations
  • Talkgroup 91 Worldwide
  • Talkgroup 92 Europe
  • Talkgroup 93 USA
  • Talkgroup 95 Australia / New Zealand
  • Talkgroup 9102 On GB7BB only (Aviation)