DMR Radio Etiquette

DMR Radio Etiquette

There are a number of pre-configured BrandMeister TalkGroups/Reflectors ( Note that Reflectors are being phased out at the end of 2020 due to the network growth and only Talkgroups will then be available) already allocated and configured on your local DMR Repeater. These are allocated to Slot 1 with Slot 2 being for use by TG9 to access the Brandmeister Reflector System with the default connection being Reflector 4405 which connects with the other Scottish DMR Brandmeister Repeaters and anyone else using a DV-Mega or DV4Mini.

What you must be aware of is that if you wish to use a Talk Group that is on say Slot 1 for example and someone else is holding a QSO on a Talk Group that is also allocated to Slot 1 then you may find you are unable to transmit or receive as that Time Slot will be busy.

Please be aware that when you key up on a Talkgroup or Reflector you are possibly activating more than one UK DMR Repeaters on that Time Slot.

Slot 2 makes use of the BrandMeister Reflector system with some repeaters in Scotland being linked by default to Reflector 4405.  All you have to select is TG9 S2 on your radio and key up – remembering that your QSO can be heard on more than one repeater. If you wish to disconnect it from 4405 to any other Reflector then please feel free and try and remember to reconnect to 4405 when finished. Don’t worry if you forget as the default link to Reflector 4405 will be re-established after ten minutes of no activity.

Please be considerate of other users, not just locally but International as well, and keep your QSO to a minimum.

Also, many people have their DMR radio on scan and when it stops scanning when a Talk Group is active it then continues to scan after a couple of seconds so when you put you call out it is a good idea to tag onto the end of you over which Talk Group/Time Slot you are calling out on.

(Don’t call CQ CQ CQ – this is not HF).

Timeslot 2 implements the use of reflectors similar to the Dstar network. The easiest way to use the reflector is to program your radio with Talkgroup 9 (local) in timeslot 2. This is the only talkgroup you will need for a QSO on the reflector.

To link and unlink the reflector, program the radio with the reflector number as a group call on timeslot 2. To link to a reflector, select the reflector number from the contacts list and transmit for about 1 second. The repeater should respond with a voice announcement, “Connect to reflector xxxx”. Then go back to Talkgroup 9 to make a QSO.

To unlink select 4000 from the contacts list, transmit for about 1 second, and you should hear a voice announcement “Reflector Disconnected”.

To enquire about the reflector link status call 5000, and the repeater will respond with the currently linked reflector.

In addition, a Dstar to DMR two way bridge is also in operation on timeslot 2.  Dstar users can connect to reflector DCS005F.