DMR Mobiles

Unlike DMR handsets there is not such a large choice of DMR radios that can be used in a mobile or home-based setup.

There is at times an influx of second-hand Motorola mobile units available and it must be noted that you will require to have a copy of the chargeable Motorola CPS (radio programming software) available to enable you to read and write the codeplug (file that contains all the channel/frequencies etc). The other manufacturers usually have their software freely available for download.

The radio shown above is the Motorola DM4600 with the IMPRES navigation kepad microphone.

The radio above is the Motorola DM3600 which was replaced by the DM4600, still a very good radio and if you can get one at a reasonable price then a good radio for the car or home QTH.

There is also face-off kits for the Motorola and Hytera mobile radios that allow you to remove the head of the main radio body and mount it remotely from the radio body on the dashboard or a bracket in the car.  These cables are pretty pricey and bulky and a tad on the difficult side to easily hide the cable.