DMR Handsets

There is a large choice of new and second hand DMR handsets available with most of the new ones coming out of China offering dual-band (UHF and VHF).

This is the Alinco DJ-MD5 dual-band (both VHF and UHF) handheld radio which entered the marked in late 2018 and had a very interesting price of £139.99 for the non-GPS model and an another £20-£30 for the GPS Model.

A very compact radio with good CPS Programming and a Micro-USB socket for programming with a standard USB lead.

A in-depth review can be found by clicking HERE.

The big yellow radio is a Motorola XTS 3000R P25 / FM UHF radio , its 709 grammes fully charged and is 30cm tall including 10cm of UHF antenna , not a pocket radio , sounds great on P25 TG 10100 world wide !

The picture above shows from the left the Motorola DP3600 , the Motorola DP4600 and then the smaller Hytera PD365 which is a lower powered handset which actually and very surprisingly performs very well.